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"I love to train with Will because he always pushes me beyond my limit and never let me quit.  He is a very personable trainer and your goals becomes his goals.  You feel like you are training with a friend who genuinely care about your health.  I am 5'7 and I went from 173 starting weight to a lean 150lbs thanks to will." - Catherine Starks (Atlanta, Ga)

"It was a pleasure training with Will.  He always listens to what my concerns were and set up workouts perfect for me and the goals I wanted to achieve.  Always professional and very knowledgable, I look forward to training with Will very soon." - Kayla Washingon (Atlanta, Ga)

"I am a collegiate softball player and I started working with Will Phillips because I needed someone who could design workouts for me that would keep me in shape for the upcoming season. All I expected from a trainer was someone who knew more about fitness than I did and could tell me when I was doing something right or wrong. Will was able to do that and more for me. Not only did he make workout plans that intense enough to get me into playing shape, he made them simple enough for me to do on my own and kept me interested in dong them. In the sessions that he worked with me, he always pushed me in a way that made sure I wasn't slacking off, but was never overbearing. It was also tremendously helpful that he was willing to travel and come to me, so as it fit into my schedule better. Will helped me fulfill my goals for the summer that I worked with him and I felt the strength gains I made when I got back to and started condionting. I wouldn't hesistate to recommend Will if someone is looking for a personal trainer". -Laura (Anderson University)

"My experience with having Will as a trainer was phenomenal! Will educated me on the importance of adopting a healthier lifestyle, through healthy eating & exercising. He would challenge my body through arrangements of exercise moves I never thought I could, or would accomplish. At times when I would become discouraged with my progress &/ or performance, Will always had uplifting words of inspiration to keep me going, and helped me to push harder in achieving my weight loss goals. One quote from him I will never forget is "You can't work off a bad diet", which is so true LOL! With Will's help I was able to attain a weight loss total of 75 lbs!! No words can ever express my gratitude to him in helping me transform my lifestyle for the better. Will is an amazing person and the best personal trainer I've ever had." - Kimberly (United States Coast Guard)

"Will was one of my favorite personal trainers!  Aside from his amazing and fun personality (which makes your workouts go by so much faster), he really pushed me and kept me positive.  I found myself working much harder with Will than I ever would have by myself.  I loved that every workout was so different.  I never felt bored or inundated by one exercise.  I highly recommend Will to anyone that has a chance to work with him." - Adarya Gakh (Bethesda Md)

"I trained with Will for one year and half and my experience with him was stellar!  I had 2 previous trainers and currently working with another.  Will is the only one I actually miss and had the biggest impact on my fitness and health.  His energy passion and knowledge kept me going back for more.  I can honestly say that this man pushed me to my limits even when I had no faith left in myself.  He kept me physically and mentally challenged.  He went above and beyond with his clients and was well sought out due to his reputation." - Grace (Arlington, Va)

I worked with Will for almost two years. He always showed up with a positive attitude and made working out fun. As somebody with a chronic condition(asthma), it was really helpful to work with a trainer who would push me hard to improve, but still respect where my limits were. His guidance and support made me more confident about my own abilities and showed me that exercising cold be fun, and his dedication motivated me to work as hard as I could. I significantly improved my strength and endurance working with Will, and built a foundation to keep working to improve my overall health."- Dorothy (Washington, DC) 

Will helped me get into shape for my wedding last year.  I worked out with him three times a week for 9 months and never felt stronger or had more energy.  The workouts were always challenging but Will was very motivating and I really felt like I accomplished something at the end of every session.  If I hadn't moved I would still be utilizing his expertise.  Great trainer!!   - Jenn Hoker (Haskins) - Arlington, Virginia

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